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Testimonials & Case Studies

Bowen Therapy Helps Shoulder Pain

“I had been having pretty constant shoulder pain for a couple of months. Karen began working with me after I had physical therapy (which did not offer any relief or improvement in my shoulder). The Bowen Therapy techniques were relaxing, subtle and shifting as I lay on the table. My shoulder felt better after each session. The exercises that Karen gave me to do in between sessions felt good and relieved the pain in my shoulder, too. My shoulder improved a great deal. Karen is very thoughtful, conscientious and precise with her work. I recommend her as a healer and as a Bowen Therapy practitioner.”

- Nancy Plumer, One Light Healing Touch Instructor/Practitioner

  Stone Ridge, NY (October, 2008) 

Bowen Therapy is Effective for Sciatica Pain

“I received Bowen Therapy treatments from Karen Ransom on several occasions. Prior to the treatments - for about 30 years - I had recurring bouts of sciatica pain in both legs. I recently realized that I have not had the sciatica pain for many months now. I believe this is a direct result of the Bowen Therapy treatments from Karen.”

- Scott T.

  Hyde Park, NY (October, 2008)

Bowen Therapy Relieves Back Pain

“Last December I was running to open a door in Grand Central Station and missed the handle. I fell back on the heel of my left foot (while also stepping on the foot of the person behind me), which was at an odd angle. It didn't bother me immediately, but my back began to tense up later that day. My job is primarily performed sitting, so this didn't help either.

The pain was undiagnosed, but after talking with people who had had herniated discs in the past, it sounded like my symptoms were similar: unable to bend forward (or really stand upright) even to put on socks, stockings or slacks, as well as discomfort sitting for any length of time.

I went to a Network Chiropractor for about 3 weeks, twice per week after the incident. It would feel better at the session but not well enough to do the routines mentioned above. I took Bayer aspirin for about one day and it began to hurt my stomach. Tylenol was better, but still didn't help the root of the problem.

After the first Bowen Therapy session, the pain and mobility were better. My back continued to heal, with increased mobility and less pain over several weeks. I think that the Bowen Therapy really got things back in alignment again so that energy could immediately begin to flow more naturally along my spine.

The pain is totally gone from the injury and has not returned. I would also add that your Bowen Therapy sessions are very relaxing. You are aware of my comfort and needs during the session. You're truly a gifted healer!!”


  Staatsburg, NY (December, 2007)

Bowen Therapy Alleviates Cold & Allergy Symptoms

One afternoon, I watched my mom use tissue after tissue to wipe her nose, which had been dripping non-stop for several hours. "Oh-oh", I thought. "She's got a bad cold."

After I took her home, I gave her a short Bowen Therapy session, focusing on the Upper Respiratory and TMJ Procedures, which are indicated for symptoms such as colds, coughs, swollen glands, allergies, asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, and sore throat.

The next day, she was perfectly fine and - when I asked her how she was feeling - did not even remember having had cold symptoms the day before!

The above scenario was repeated some months later, with the same result.

- Karen Ransom, LMT and Bowen Therapy Practitioner

  (September, 2008)

Bowen Therapy Speeds Healing after Dental Procedures

My 89-year old mom was NOT looking forward to dental surgery to remove two teeth – one on each side of her mouth.

When I saw her in the recovery room immediately following the surgery, she looked glum - her jaw was swollen and she was feeling very uncomfortable.

I took her home and we read the after-surgery instructions the dentist had given her, which were full of suggestions for managing pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Then I gave her a Bowen Therapy session. I have given Mom many Bowen Therapy sessions over the past couple of years, so her body was already balanced and I could concentrate on the Neck, Upper Respiratory and TMJ Procedures – procedures that are indicated for tooth and jaw symptoms.

By the time I left for work after the session, Mom was feeling so much better that she was telling all her friends about her surgery. And when I called her four hours later to tell her it was time to take another Tylenol – as the dentist’s note recommended – she asked me if she had to. She had no pain and ate dinner that evening, as usual.

When I told my brother-in-law about Mom’s rapid recovery, he thought maybe age had decreased her sensitivity to pain. But he checked her out the next day, and found that she really was fine. She continued to heal quickly from the surgery, without pain, swelling, or bleeding.

- Karen Ransom, LMT and Bowen Therapy Practitioner

  (April, 2008)

Bowen Therapy - Standing Straight

My first experience with a client with a new injury made me very nervous. Cindy, who is a horsewoman, called and said she had wrenched her back while throwing hay in the truck. She couldn’t stand up straight and she was in a lot of discomfort. She asked if I would treat her for her injury.

I asked if she had seen a doctor and her reply was as I suspected, “No and I don’t plan to.” I said I’d be happy to try Bowenwork on her back if she wanted to come in.

When Cindy arrived, I was shocked to see the extent to which she was bent over and to the right. The right side was sore to the touch. She told me she had injured it the day before and it wasn’t getting any better. Since she could lie on the table prone, I decided to do BRM1 ever so lightly since she was sensitive to the touch, followed by BRM2 1-4 only. BRM2 1-4 would release the sympathetic sate of the body to the parasympathetic and the body would begin to focus on healing itself. Lying supine was difficult, so I finished by hitting lats and got her up off the table to begin walking.

As she moved around the room, she commented “I can stand straighter and move easier.” I told her to call me and let me know how her body responds. I reminded her to drink lots of water, walk and trust that the process will work.

Cindy called me two days later to tell me that she was standing straight but still had discomfort across the lower back. She said, “The night you worked on my back, I experienced a warm sensation all night at that area in my back.” I said, “Good, and when you come back we’ll attend to whatever is left from the injury.”

At Cindy’s next visit, she was walking upright, but had a remaining soreness at her lower back on both sides and a stiff neck when she awoke that morning. I did the BRM’s 1, 2, and 3 and the Pelvic Procedure. She called during the week to tell me the soreness was gone in her back and her stiff neck had improved each day and was 70% better.

I was, of course, very excited that she had had such success healing. I feel more confident now about working with a new injury in a minimal way, trusting the body to respond.   

- Pam Wolf, Sudlersville, MD, from “Bowen Hands” magazine, September, 2008   

Bowen Therapy – “I Was Unaware”

Before April, 2007, I was unaware that the Original Bowen Technique existed.

What a difference it has now made to my quality of life.

A few years ago I underwent major spinal surgery. Even after this I was rarely pain free. I was unable to sit or stand for long periods and I also had frequent back spasms.

Because of this I was referred to another Orthopaedic surgeon. After undergoing a series of Investigations including an MRI and CAT scan, I was informed that there was only a 50/50 chance of success if I had further back surgery. In fact I was told that I could be worse off than before and I may end up in a wheel chair .

My life became even more restricted with the result that I was able to achieve less and less in my everyday life.

Since beginning Bowen Therapy … there has been a marked improvement in my overall health and mobility.

Two days after the first treatment the back spasms had ceased.

Over the next few weeks I was able to reduce my pain medication and my physical activity increased.

There were other improvements as well.

Due to an earlier shoulder injury, I had restricted movement in one arm. Now I have full movement and only occasional discomfort.

Over a period of a few months one of my knees had become increasingly painful. I no longer have that pain.

A few years earlier I had had Bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery. Later I had recurrent pain in one hand. With Bowen Therapy this has since ceased.


I have no hesitation in recommending Bowen therapy to anyone.

As a retired registered nurse, I am disappointed that this Healing Technique is not recommended more frequently by the medical fraternity in this country. 

- Elaine McKennie, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

  From “Bowen Hands” magazine, September, 2007    

Bowen Therapy Helps Cancer Patients Deal with Treatment Side-Effects

Since 1993 the emphasis of my San Diego holistic practice (homeopathy, massage therapy, energy healing) has been complementary support of cancer patients undergoing medical treatment. My goal has been to help cancer patients deal with short and long term side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Although I have confidently developed effective protocols which have been helpful for all types of treatments, the past two years conventional medical practice has changed to the extent that I’ve frequently been unable to help my clients adequately. Drug therapies are evolving rapidly. Drugs that were used in isolation are now used in combination and thus create stronger and more holistic treatment resistant side effects. I find it difficult to keep up with the potential side effects of many new drugs. The most challenging hurdle for me in the past two years has been the use of clinical trials for almost all metastatic cancer treatment. That means I can no longer give my clients any homeopathic remedies while they are part of a trial. Although Healing Touch and massage therapy are helpful modalities which the medical profession allows me to use on these patients, they are not as effective without the homeopathic remedy protocols I’ve used in the past.

When I began learning Bowenwork in January of 2007 with Karin Twohig in Carmel, California, I began getting permission to use Bowenwork on these clients. As long as I’m not giving any sort of oral holistic remedy, the doctors seem to approve any kind of manual bodywork.

BRM 1,2,3 plus Kidney Procedure are the gold standard for care during chemotherapy. If I can schedule a client the day of chemo, they walk in gray, bent, nauseous, and fatigued. Within an hour they depart planning dinner with color back in their cheeks. It is nothing short of amazing. Results are not quite as dramatic if the session is the day after chemo, but still helpful.

BRM 1,2,3 plus Respiratory Procedure is what I’ve found to be most helpful during radiation treatment.

Following treatment I’ve used Thoracic Procedure frequently … I’ve had patients report lots of energetic and nerve activity in the thoracic area for days following treatment … Holistic treatments such as Bowen can step in at this point and work to help patients improve immune function and regain quality of life.  

- Corinne Greenamyer, San Diego, CA

  From “Bowen Hands” magazine, December, 2007   

Bowen Therapy – A Thirty Year Cramp

Bea, now 80, has visited, since November 2004, for twice monthly Bowen sessions for health maintenance.

In regards to the flexibility of her hamstrings, since her teen years she has never been able to sit up straight with her legs straight out in front of her.

In June of 2007 after performing Move 2 of the Pelvic Procedure, she told me at the end of the session that she had experienced a cramp on the inside of her left leg all the way down to her foot.

The cramp, which felt like giving birth soon moved out and the pain subsided.

Bea provided more information at the end of the session. For more than thirty years, once a month, she would wake up with an excruciating cramp in her leg. She would get out of bed and step on the cold floor to relieve the pain. During all our sessions, Bea had never mentioned this chronic muscle contraction. Her body took 2 ¾ years before being ready for this particular release.

The procedures for the above session focused on relaxing the hamstrings, involved BRM1 (1-8), Hamstring Procedure (1-3 with a 5 minute wait), Pelvic Procedure (1-4 with a total wait of ten minutes for the body to reset), and the Hamstring Procedure and Knee Procedure combo.

At the end, Bea commented on being so relaxed she did not know if she could stand up.

After the June session Bea reported, “I walk with more ease in my knees.”

“Our own physical body possesses wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.”

- Henry Miller, American writer

- Michael David Lawrence, Sedona, AZ

  From “Bowen Hands” magazine, September, 2007

Bowen Therapy and Parkinson’s Disease

April 23, 2007, Annie G. came to my office to try a Bowen session. She heard about it from her esthetician. She is 56 years old (1.60m, 89 kg). She walks with difficulty but without help. Her movements are very slow.

Following are two typed letters that she sent me (typing is less difficult for her than to write). I inserted the procedures done at each session.

Madame Cuisinier,

Thank you for daring!

For the last 20 years, I have been impaired by the disease named Parkinson’s by the neurologist. My body was suffering. I could not bear the look of others. I could no longer love this envelope of flesh. You dared to touch delicately this sick body. You dared tackle a disease said incurable. You took time without counting.

The deepest victory is my reconciliation with my physical body. The results are there, very important and visible to the naked eye. Here are a few of them.

After the first Bowen treatment (BRM1, BRM2, Respiratory), the burning in my feet which wouldn’t let me sleep, has completely vanished.

After the second Bowen treatment (BRM1, BRM2, Kidney), my walking was so much better that I could go shopping again. This may seem childish, but imagine what the deprivation of this entertainment means to a woman.

After the third (BRM1, Hamstring, BRM3) and fourth (BRM1, BRM2, Pelvic) Bowen sessions, I completely controlled my bladder (what a misery to have to go to the toilet every 2 hours). The following days after these sessions, my Parkinson’s symptoms were minimized. And surprise, I have lost 2 kilos; I haven’t seen that for many years.

Fifth Bowen session (BRM1, BRM2, Respiratory), the unhoped-for happened, I can walk and take the trolley home; I haven’t done that since the beginning of this pathology.

Thanks to you, Madame, who dared to touch me with compassion, gentleness and, obviously, love for human beings.

Annie Ganbois

June 20, 2007 

July 10, 2007, Mrs. Annie G. presents with fatigue for 3 days (she babysits her grandchildren, the weather is cold, rainy and stormy). She suffers from pain in her left buttock.

For this session I performed BRM1, Coccyx, BRM3 and the Head procedure (it relaxes her). Duration of the treatment for the whole session was 1 hour.


This morning after the Bowen session I told you of my wellbeing. I want to add that all day I haven’t had any manifestation of my pathology.

What a relief to pursue activities without being bridled in each movement. I am living again. This morning, work was a pure marvel.

Thank you for supporting me on this luminous path. See you next week.


Annie Ganbois July 10, 2007   

- Christine Cuisinier, Professional Bowen Practitioner

   since May 2007, Limoges, France

   From “Bowen Hands” magazine, December, 2007

Bowen Therapy – Change of Life Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Mine is probably not a unique story, but one, I feel, really must be told. My journey started just over 23 years ago, when, early one morning I was traveling to work and due to the stupid and irresponsible actions of another driver, I ended up near death in an ambulance which was racing to get me to a hospital for surgery.

The other driver had pulled out on me without looking and forced me off the road. I swerved to miss him and ended up head first into a telegraph pole, my face had smashed into the steering wheel, my feet were ground into the fire-wall, my right knee was shattered, and the 4 metacarpal on my right hand was broken. To say I had whiplash is an understatement.

I actually died on the operating table, so I am told, but obviously it was not my time to go! Although the doctors at some stage told my husband to prepare himself and our two kids, then 13 and 10, for the worst. And still I refused to give up the fight.

They completely rebuilt my face, gave me a different smile, and slightly different shaped eyes, wired up my shattered cheekbones, rebuilt my badly broken jaw (in three places) and tried in vain to count the hundreds of breaks and tiny fractures in my face. My hand was never properly fixed as that was not considered priority at the time. They rebuilt my knee, and my feet “mended” themselves while I was in hospital for seven very long weeks, away from my beloved family, and then chair bound for many more weeks, until my knee had healed enough for me to start Physio. Now, unfortunately, my feet ache continually and arthritis is setting in.

The upshot of all this is that I was left with severe neck pain from the untreated whiplash, and to this day, it still gives me grief. The knee that was never supposed to bend much beyond 90 degrees, now bends almost totally back to normal, although I still cannot squat. My right hand is pretty much ok except for the occasional dislocation of the 4 finger. My face is still partially paralysed, (but that never stops me talking!), and the back pain associated with horrendous car crashes became almost crippling.

It happened one afternoon, after a particularly busy day working on a supermarket checkout, my back was giving me a lot of pain and when I walked round to the organic grocer to buy some goodies for my dinner, that the sweet fellow there asked me what was the trouble. I told him my back was really giving me a lot of pain and he said, “Have you tried Bowen Therapy?” I’d never heard of it. He gave me the name and number of a Practitioner on the Coast and I rang him to make an appointment – and that is where my life took a huge turn.

After the first treatment, which was just one hour, and after much “fiddling” with my back and my knees, I got off that bed and couldn’t believe that I was the same person that had timidly walked into that room an hour earlier. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that he kept walking in and out of the room every couple of minutes. Now it all makes sense. He told me to come back in a week, which I did, and also to drink lots and lots of water and go for a little walk. I thought this a bit strange but I did as he told me. I felt absolutely dreadful the next day, as he said I might, but over the next 24 hours, wonderful things started happening. I actually had a full night’s sleep, and woke up the next morning feeling the best I had felt in many, many years. After years of Chiro and Physio, I actually felt good! And I continued to feel better each day.

After the second treatment, I was a walking miracle, sleep was finally peaceful, my knee had stopped throbbing, my neck actually moved more than 20 degrees from side to side, and I could almost reverse my car without having to turn my whole body. And if God ever heard my prayers of thanks, then that particular Bowen practitioner would have been walking on water. The damage to my shoulder where the seatbelt had cut into the muscle was actually repairing itself and movement was becoming easier. Although pretending I was a teapot didn’t exactly make me feel sensible! Still, if he had told me to eat raw frogs legs at this stage, I would almost certainly have done it. My body was feeling sensations that I had never felt before. Although I must admit that the first day after my first treatment I could have happily gone back there and hit him over the head with a baseball bat. Oh how I ached! I rang him and asked why I felt like this and he exploded with joy. You are having a wonderful reaction and response to your treatment, he assured me. I thought that if this is what “good” felt like, I would sure hate to know what “bad” felt like!

Anyway, he performed the third treatment on me, and at this stage I was feeling so much better, those pains I had been living with for over 15 years were finally starting to go away. I asked how many more treatments I needed and he said “You will know if you need any more.” I thought that was pretty weird, as a certain “other” course of treatment was supposed to take 3 years or more, and I’d been told I had to sign on the dotted line to commit to the course of treatment. Fortunately, I did not sign on that dotted line.

I did go back after a month for another treatment, and then another month after that, and from then on I decided to learn this amazing stuff myself. If I could feel this wonderful after 5 treatments, I wanted to be able to make other people feel this good. The thing was, I didn’t ever believe that I could do this, until I met Robyn Wood. And there, again, my life took another unbelievable turn. I can never begin to thank Robyn enough for what she has given me, not just for her tremendous teaching skills, but for her guidance, encouragement, and perseverance when I was convinced that I couldn’t do this. That I would never remember it all, and how on earth would I ever know which one of all these procedures would I use for which ailment. It was all so much for a 50 year old grandmother, who had had brain damage from that car accident and had the memory of a gnat, to learn all this incredible technique. Well, I did it! I was in a class of 12, and I think that I am one of only two from that class who kept going, to achieve my Advanced Certificate, and the Certificate 4, to have my own clinic at home, to have been working from 2 Medical Centres on the Gold Coast, and have my name on the door of a beautiful new Medical Centre at Hope Island. I had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream, that now, I really am a confident, self-assured and successful Bowen Therapist.

My greatest thrill with this amazing work is to see the look of relief on the client’s face when they walk out of my clinic with a smile, and bright happy eyes. The fact that they tell their family and friends, and recommend others to me for treatment, is reward enough.

Had it not been for Doug the grocer telling me about Bowen I would never have gotten to where I am now …

- Marilyn Streeting, Gold Coast, Australia

  From “Bowen Hands” magazine, December, 2007

Bowen Therapy gets them in and Bowen Therapy gets them out!

I got pregnant with my first baby the first time I tried at age 37; that was in 1998. When she was about 14 months old, my husband and I decided to try for a second baby.

After the first month and the second month and the third month and the fourth month and the fifth month and the sixth month, it was very strange that I wasn’t getting pregnant.

So I sent to the gynecologist for exams: everything was fine. I even coerced my husband into doing a sperm test: everything was fine. I started taking homeopathic remedies for another five months and still no pregnancy. Then I decided to see an acupuncturist and I had about six weekly sessions. And still no pregnancy. Shortly after, I had lunch with my friend and former Bowen teacher, Louise Tremblay. I mentioned to her that I was trying to get pregnant for about a year using homeopathy and acupuncture and herbs and anything I could think of, because, as a naturopathic doctor, I have all these tools at my disposal and I often treat people who have infertility. Seeing my frustration, she said, “Well, let me do Bowen on you.” As I was also a practitioner of Bowen, I told Louise that was a great idea; we should have done it a while ago. We agreed to get together in the next couple of days.

Of course, when I had been trained in Bowen I learned there was a coccyx move that could help pregnancy but somehow I just didn’t pursue it. Strange sometimes how the things right under our noses are the things we don’t see! So Louise Tremblay treated me. She did the basic moves and the coccyx move. She reiterated the protocol about when to try and I followed her instructions to the letter and the next month I was pregnant. Now, call this coincidence? Possibly. I had a very nice baby, baby number two.

About 18 months later, my husband and I decided to have a third baby. I hoped it would happen fairly quickly. But finally I was in the same position: after eight months still no pregnancy. I tried acupuncture again. Still no pregnancy. I called Louise Tremblay and I said “Well, Louise, I don’t really want to wait a year or more so we should do the same thing you did last time. Remember, I got pregnant right after you did it.” She said: “Of course we should do it.” So I saw her a couple days later. She did another Bowen series on me including the coccyx move and the next month I was pregnant. Call it a coincidence? Now I doubted it.

I had a healthy pregnancy but started to feel anxious toward the end as my husband was supposed to be out of town at a conference until one or two days before my due date. I invited Louise Tremblay to be my back-up person in case I went into labor early. She would be there with me to deliver the baby at home with the midwife, the same one with whom I had delivered the last one at home. She agreed. I felt comfortable with Louise because we had become friends over the years since the second pregnancy and because she has a very calm and steady presence which I knew would be very appreciated during labor. Also she is a great homeopath and Bowen practitioner and I thought those things might come in handy if need be.

I went into labor late which was lucky because my husband was able to be there. Louise attended the birth. It was a very slow and weak labor and at the very end of it, after 8 hours, I had a lot of trouble pushing the head out. My cervix was fully dilated and I was pushing but the head wouldn’t move. This is nerve racking at any point but especially during a home birth because you always have the idea in the back of your head that you may need to be transported, which was not in my birth plan! Finally Louise said: “Why don’t we do the coccyx move?” of course, it is only safe to do the coccyx move on a pregnant woman at the end of labor when she is fully dilated. The midwife didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea because I am sure she did not know what the coccyx move was, but I told Louise to go ahead. She did the coccyx move and the baby was born about two minutes later. After about 20 minutes of holding the baby, my midwife was concerned that I hadn’t delivered the placenta yet. So she started massaging my belly and pulled on it a little bit but it still wasn’t coming out. So Louise said: “Let’s do another coccyx move.” She did it and the placenta came out two minutes later. All I have to say is … I am very sensitive to the coccyx move.

So we considered naming our little boy Tom … or Louis.

Bowen gets them in and Bowen gets them out!

- Dr. Lisa Samet, N.D., Outremont, Canada

   From “Bowen Hands” magazine, December, 2007